Working from home

Please click on the links below for guidance on helping your children during their time at home as we all recognise how challenging life during this pandemic can be.

Summer Letter from Mrs Woodhead


Looking Forward to Normal Days…


Face masks in shops become the new law,

Rubbing in hand cream because sanitised hands are sore.

Catching a sneeze in your elbow,

Standing outside shops in a patient row.


Watching the news every night,

Wishing you could hug your loved ones tight.

Video chats from your cosy settee,

Zooming friends we’re not allowed to see.


No walking around the classroom, remain in your red chair!

Missing classmates, wishing they were there.

Studyladder, Mathletics and online work,

Cleaning our computers where the virus might lurk.


Elbows have quickly become our new fingers,

For doors and buttons where some germs linger.

Sanitising gel, wipes and spray,

For a life back to normal we hope and pray.


Games of tig banned from the yard,

Time in school decorating key worker cards.

Less cars are on the street,

Disney Plus is on repeat.


Shops, pubs and restaurants are shut down,

Empty trams and buses travel around town.

Classes become bubbles made of ten,

You are not allowed to share your pen.


Birthdays in back gardens with home-made cake,

New things we’ve learnt such as how to bake.

Checking the weather to see the sun,

Thursday claps for all the NHS has done.

Groups of 6 allowed outside,

But make sure you’re stood 2m wide!


Walking much more to exercise each day,

Social distancing affects how we play.

Remember when toilet paper and pasta sold out?

Planes sat in empty airports… nobody about.


Holidays and trips put on hold,

Cleaning supplies always being sold.

Doctors and nurses working through the night,

Windows full of rainbows shining bright.


Life has changed in lots of ways

We’re counting down until normal days…


Y2/3 Bubble (Violet)

NEW!!Whats On Guide – Autumn 2020

Sheffield CU Festival of Fun 2020 Activity Programme.

Skin Hunger

Self-regulation and co-regulation

Emotional Freedom Technique








Never alone helplines







Whats On Guide – Summer 2020

Grieving the loss of a loved one during lockdown

Strengthening emotional connections

Eat smart for less  Click on this link for information about trying to feed the family for less during lockdown.

Managing Challenging Behaviour


Coping with self-isolation

Home Education

Talking to children


Lockdown Grief

Coping with change

Acknowledging your child’s emotions

Importance of Sleep


5 Things to Say to your Child to Promote a Growth Mindset and support The Clever Creatures

Healthy Minds Leaflet for Parents

Sheffield SEND support for parents

Swimming at home!  Try these videos and worksheets so that once we can get back into the water, they won’t have forgotten everything and will know more about keep water safe.

Swim England home-schooling activity sheets can be downloaded for free


Joy of Moving Home-School Festival Booklet

Our school has joined the Joy of Moving Home-School Festival designed by the EFL Trust. This week, Over 760 schools across the UK will take part in the festival by asking their families to dedicate 1 afternoon (or morning!) this week to follow the 3 hour programme. All activities are fun, simple and require limited resources. Here’s a fantastic booklet which clearly lays out a timetable and instructions.

Joy of Moving Home School Festival Booklet


Online maths lessons

Mangahigh are running free online lessons each day catering for all year groups.  Follow the link below and check out the timetable to find out when your lessons start:


There is nothing like a little boredom to fuel creative invention!

With that in mind, we would like to present our ‘If you were an engineer, what would you do’ Home Learning Project. Completely free for all children and young people aged 3-19.  We are providing more online interviews with engineers, who will share their work experiences and answer your questions; along with some activities to help get you ‘thinking like an engineer’.

Free coding resources being offered to schools during the closure:

The National Curriculum have produced a website containing fantastic resources for families to use during the school shut down.  Please click on the link below:,10VPC,4REYJM,3W8P5,1
Active Timetable- Sheffield Schools







Computing Activities


Spanish Home learning

Imagination Gaming

30 Days Wild

Music Hub!/50-things-to-do-before-youre-five
activities support and wellbeing pack

Activity bingo


Facetime phonics – What a great idea!

Keeping Busy 1

Keeping Busy 2

 (20.5.20) was National Friendship Funday – take a look at these pupil made clips of the story The Rainbow Fish.


Wonderful home learning!

Click on the rainbow image to read a poem written by our wonderful pupils for the NHS.


100 Challenge for Major Tom


ABC story challenge – write a story with only 26 words (using the alphabet)





Billy Badger has helped us to think hard and we have really risen to the challenge, there are also some amazing photography skills.  Well done photographers too.


Look out for lots of Ruby Rabbit team work from last week and the children who are taking part in the 30 day photography challenge and the Lego challenge.  What a full inbox this week!