Welcome to Year 3

In Year 3, our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum.

We follow the Catholic Curriculum for Religious Education following the Come and See scheme.

For more information about the what we are learning in Year 3, click on the links below.

LKS2 CYCLE 1 Long Term Plan Detailed

LKS2 CYCLE 2 Long Term Plan Detailed

Year 3 Parent Guide

Year 3 spelling list

Learn It Facts

Year 3 Subtraction

Year 3 Multiplication

Year 3 Division

Year 3 Addition

Study Ladder

Please find this new term’s spelling lists, alongside some suggested activities, lower down our page in the SPAG and Book Study section.


This term, our ongoing question will be ‘could you survive a night in the rainforest?’  We will be focusing on the Brazilian Rainforest in particular, and will spend time comparing it to the forest habitats in England. We will learn about the type of creatures that live there; threats that these habitats face and how different organisms thrive in these environments.

Our aim is to combine all of our learning to really consider what it would be like to actually spend time in a rainforest…

Some of our Home Research Projects

Y3/4 Camp Activity Night

To celebrate the end of our topic, we held a Camp Activity Day/Night. During the day, we packed a rucksack with suitable items, used a range of team skills in challenges, built (and tested!) waterproof dens, and even built a two bug hotels for the creatures in our wildlife area.

We then returned to school in the evening to carry out activities such as toasting marshmallows around a campfire, drinking hot chocolate in the fairy-lit story house and stargazing. What a fun-packed evening we had!

Y3/4 Visit to Sherwood Forest


Over the next term, our writing will be closely linked with our theme. We will be working towards writing a story based on the ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ structure, but set in Sherwood Forest. We will also be producing an informative piece of text about a rainforest creature of our choice.

Independently using paragraphs and beginning our sentences in a range of exciting ways will be a big focus for us; as will our handwriting.


SPAG and Book Study

We will be working on varying our sentence structures, with a particular focus to those that we have on our writing wall. Punctuation will also be something we are looking at, particularly the use of capital letters beyond beginning a sentence, and commas within lists.

A big focus this half term will be the use of prefixes and suffixes within our spellings. We will also spend time familiarising ourselves with homophones.

Spellings are sent out with your child at the beginning of each half term. Pupils will be reminded of which list we are on, in preparation for our weekly test the following Friday. If misplaced, all of this half term’s spelling, as well as the learning activities, can be found below.

Spring 1 Spelling Lists

Creative Spellings -As a class we are looking at making the process of learning spellings more exciting. We will regularly bring ideas home to have a go at!

How can I practise spellings at home?

Book Study – This half term, our book study will continue to be The Twits. We are really enjoying Roahl Dahl’s style of writing! We also have another class book – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone that we regularly read just for pleasure.

In class, we spend time developing our reading and comprehension skills, however do understand how important reading at home is too. Well done to everyone that continues to complete their home reading logs weekly – your progress will show on our class reading journey!



Throughout Autumn 2 we will concentrate on multiplication and division.

In our ‘Maths Meetings’ we are working on we are learning our 7 and 8 times tables; how to tell the time on an analogue clock and 24hr clock, and how to read the time to the nearest minute.

We spend a lot of time practising our number bonds and basic skills. Knowing these well gives us a strong basis for all of the different operations we will be developing this year. To keep them fresh in our mind, there are lots of activities set on Study Ladder.

Click here to access Study Ladder

We have recently begun Mathletics… please explore this great, exciting tool as much as you can! Your login details should have been sent home.


Religious Education

Following the Come and See curriculum, we will reflecting on what it means to be part of a community and the promises made at Baptism. Following this we will be preparing for Christmas throughout our Advent topic.



Our science investigations will be linked closely with our theme this term. We will learn about living things, their habitats,and how food chains work.