Latest information on returning to school

12th May 2020

New information was released yesterday evening around schools potentially opening for certain year groups. There are still many unanswered questions and we are working hard as a city to ensure this partial opening will be with the best interest of our pupils and staff. As a parent there is understandably great anxiety about sending your child back to school and it would be completely understandable if you feel it is too soon for your child to return. Please read the information on the link below which you may find useful, explaining in a little more detail how the government see the partial opening happening and why they have chosen certain year groups.

Once we have more clarity, a plan will be developed and shared.  If in the meantime you do have any concerns or queries please email

Home Learning

Please follow the link below for our home learning page.  It has lots of ideas on how parents/carers can support children at home during the school closure.  There are links to online learning resources along with fun activities and more.

Click here to visit the home-learning page

Here’s a little message from us to you…


St. Theresa’s is proud to be a Catholic School rooted in the Gospel values.

We are committed to celebrating and sharing our faith, as well as preparing children for life in a multi-cultural society and developing respect for the values and customs of others.

We are committed to delivering a broad and balanced curriculum to ensure that our children achieve the highest possible standards personal to them.

We aim to develop strong links between family and parish, enabling us to journey together with mutual support and respect.

We are also proud to be part of the Sheffield Catholic Schools Partnership and SSELP Partnership.





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