Online Safety

It can be difficult to keep children safe, particularly in the fast moving world of technology and the internet.

On this page, there are some useful links to websites that will help you keep your child safe at home as well as some information about how we keep them safe in school.

If, at any time, you have concerns about the safety of your child on the internet please speak to Mrs Fox or their class teacher.

Within school we teach children how to stay safe using social media, making them aware of the dangers. We also educate them in age appropriate websites, around school there are posters giving information about age limits for kids on social media. //

We use the SMART:

S -Keep your Personal information SAFE.

M -Don’t MEET strangers you have talked to online.

A – Think before you ACCEPT something online.

R – RELIABILITY: Not everyone you meet online is trustworthy.

T –TELL a responsible adult if someone makes you feel uncomfortable.


Parent Pack August 2020

For both children and parents

For both children and parents

Advice for parents

Advice for parents

Think U Know - Advice for children

Think U Know – Advice for children


Think U Know – Advice for Parents