Year 6 during Lockdown

During this period of lockdown, please use this page to support your home learning.

Please use the to email any questions or photographs of your work.

Please ensure you check for updates on the school App.

We will be sending more information about remote learning using Microsoft Teams as soon as possible. *

Click on these documents for help with Teams / remote learning.


Quick start guide

General whole school message:

When using any part of Teams, we expect children to stay focused on work.  

Chat is not for talking to each other, other than about work. Children must not try to invite others or set up their own channels, groups or Teams. This is for the safety of all children and to ensure that all pupils are able to focus on their learning.

Thank you

Mrs Fox 


Week 3: Y6 Home Learning 

Week 3 Home Learning Guide Y6


Week 3: Year 6 Lockdown Spellings 

Y5/6 Statutory Spellings Word Mat

Y5 6 Stat Words Crossword

Y5 6 Stat Words Crossword



Week 3: Y6 Lockdown Writing / SPAG 


Boxer Dog Editing Task – Expert

The Olympics editing task – expert

The Olympics editing task – Tricky



Week 3: Y6 Lockdown Reading

Monday Reading Task: copy and paste this link


Tuesday Reading Task: copy and paste the below link. Select Lesson 2.


Thursday Reading Task: copy and paste the below link. Select Lesson 4.



Week 3: Y6 Lockdown Maths 

Monday Mathletics – fractions:  copy and paste this link

Tuesday Ordering Fractions Video – copy and paste the link below:

Fractions-Compare-and-order-numerator-2019 worksheet      Tuesday answers

Thursday Maths activity:

Copy and paste this link for the video:

fractions activity



Week 3: Y6 Lockdown RE

morning and evening prayer

Class Assembly for this Week 2

Family Liturgy for Week 2 (copy and paste this link)



Week 3: Y6 Lockdown Foundation Subjects 

Tuesday’s Science Evolution Lesson – copy and paste the link below:


Thursday’s Science Animal Kingdom Lesson – copy and paste the link below:



Week 3: Y6 Lockdown PE

A-Z Active Challenge

Y6 Athletics Home Learning Tasks

Speed Bounce Challenge

Muay Thai Daily Challenge

Find PE with Joe Wicks on Youtube



Additional Home Learning Sites: 

Throughout the year, Y6 pupils have been fantastic at using a range of home learning sites to support their learning in class. Please continue to use these during lockdown as they will enable us to keep a track of your progress. Feel free to email for any missing passwords.

Reading Plus – only for the next two months!

Lexia – allowed to access at home now!



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