General whole school message:

When using any part of Teams, we expect children to stay focused on work.

Chat is not for talking to each other, other than about work. Children must not try to invite others or set up their own channels, groups or Teams. This is for the safety of all children and to ensure that all pupils are able to focus on their learning.

Thank you

Mrs Fox


Nursery during Lockdown

During this period of lockdown, please use this page to support your home learning.

We appreciate this is a very unsettling time for many and we are sorry cannot operate the nursery as normal. However, we always like to try and look for the positives in a bad situation and we ask that you spend this time looking after yourself and your family. Whilst the pace of life slows down for some, it is a perfect opportunity for your child/children to practice independent skills such as dressing themselves, putting on their coat, and practising skills such as blowing and wiping their nose, washing their hands and putting on their shoes.

Each week, we will upload the activities we intend to carry out in nursery for you to carry out at home if you so wish. We would like to emphasise there is no expectation for you to replicate what we are doing in Nursery, the important thing is spending quality time with your child whilst taking time to talk and share stories.

We will also post links to stories we are looking at, as well as a variety of craft ideas.

Please use the nursery@st-theresas.sheffield.sch.uk to email any questions or photographs of your work.

Please ensure you check for updates on the school App.

Year FS1 Home Learning Jan 2021 weeks 3 and 4 (1)

Story time with Mrs Greengrass

One Snowy Night

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Shark in the Park

We’re going on a Bear Hunt


Week 3 – Week commencing 18th January

This week are starting to look at animals that live in winter conditions such as polar bears, penguins and arctic foxes etc and talk about how we think they stay warm.

We will be:

  • Reading ‘The Mitten’ By Jan Brett. This can be found on YouTube here
  • Looking at different arctic animals and discussing how they stay warm.

You can find a selection of photos and a game we may play here. T-T-4793-Winter-Animals-Photo-Display-Powerpoint and T-G-256-Arctic-Animals-What-Can-You-See-PowerPoint_ver_2 (1)

  • Making bird feeders to put outside to help the birds in winter.

See https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/makes/bird-feeder for ideas on how you could do this at home.

See the Nursery children busy making them here

Please do keep sending us your photos. It is lovely to see you all so busy at home.

Week 2 – Week commencing 11th January 

This week we will continue to look at the season of Winter. We will be:

  • Reading ‘One Snowy Night’ and talking about how we can keep warm when it is cold. A link to the story can be found here
  • Practising putting our coats, hats and gloves etc on independently.
  • Making Winter Vegetable Soup – We will look at the different vegetables that will go into the soup and see which ones we can name. We will taste the soup and talk about whether we like it or not and why, and also the different steps we took to make it.

Percy the Park Keeper asks if you can find the following in the attached image: A pencil sharpener, a feather, a biscuit, a butterfly, a sweet, a ladybird, a cotton reel and one of Percy’s dice. What else can you see?

Click the link to see the image – Percy’s challenge


We have been busy this week making vegetable soup to stay warm…

We have been investigating ice and looking at what happens when it freezes and melts.

Please don’t forget to send us photos of what the children have been up to. You can email them to:


Here are some photos of what the children got up to last week – we will try and update this regularly.

Week 1 – week commencing 4th January

This week we are introducing the children to the season of winter.

We will be:

  • Going on a winter walk – Feel free to email in pictures of you going on your own winter walk!
  • Talking about what we see in winter
  • Creating winter pictures

Some materials you may find at home for a winter picture are, salt, sugar, cotton wool balls, tissue paper, cotton buds, wool, string, old bedding / clothing.

Winter Collage Video

We will also be reading the story Polar Bear Polar Bear which can be found in the link, read by Mrs Thorpe. Alternative versions can be found on Youtube.

This story contains a lot of repetition so is great for encouraging the children to join and say the repeated phrases with you.

Mrs Greengrass is back to show you how easy it is to make play dough at home. Playdough is great for small hands – it helps exercise little fingers whilst also allowing children to use their imagination to create whatever they would like. Playdough is also a great resource for maths, particularly when talking about size and shape and also counting out pieces of playdough.

See the recipe below and watch the video to see how quickly it can be made!   Mrs Greengrass making playdough

Let’s read together…

We will be sending more information about remhttps://youtu.be/73E-9zLVtuQote learning using Teams as soon as possible.

Join us for Story Time