We are often congratulated on the manners and appearance of our children which are a credit to themselves and their parents.

Some items of uniform can be ordered from school. PLEASE PUT YOUR CHILD’S NAME IN ALL GARMENTS. For health and safety reasons jewellery is not permitted. Children are not allowed to do PE if they have earrings in. Therefore, to ensure their education is not disrupted we would ask you to refrain piercing until long holiday periods.


1. AIM

The aim of the school is to have the students dress with a school identity in a smart, affordable and practical way. At the same time we will attempt to be sensitive to changes in fashion and style, providing they conform to standards of decency and safety.

  • A blue sweatshirt/jumper, preferably embroidered with the school badge;
  • A white or blue polo shirt which also may have the school badge on;
  • Flat shoes/boots in black.
  • Socks: Plain socks or tights
  • Grey or black trousers/shorts for boys or girls;
  • Grey or black skirts/pinafores for girls;
  • Blue check summer dresses for girls during warmer months;
  • No denim. No tracksuit tops or bottoms. No leggings;
  • For health and safety reasons no jewellery may be worn
  • No extremes of hair fashion i.e. no lines, cuts, patterns, shaved heads;
  • No obvious dyeing of the hair. Hair should look natural;
  • Hair must be kept tidy in the interests of safety (long hair tied back);
  • No marks/cuts allowed in eyebrows;
  • No fake tan;
  • No detectable make up;
  • No nail varnish/nail extensions;
  • No tattoos/transfers;


The school has a PE/Games uniform and this should be worn at all appropriate times.

  • Plain coloured t-shirt, long enough to tuck into shorts
  • Plain black shorts or black tracksuit bottoms
  • Trainers for outdoor PE
  • For health and safety reasons, no jewellery can be worn during PE.