Welcome to Year 6

In Year 6, our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum.

For more information about the what we are learning in Year 6, click on the links below.

Year 6 long term plan

Year 6 Parent Guide

Year 6 Spelling List

Learn It Facts

Study Ladder

Year 6 Subtraction

Year 6 Addition

Year 6 Multiplication

Year 6 Division

End of Key Stage Tests Parent Guide 2016  Click here for updated information from the government.

SATS revision

The Year 6 KS2 SATs will be administered in the week commencing 14 May 2018. The timetable will be:

Monday 14 May 2018
English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: questions
English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: spelling

Tuesday 15 May 2018
English reading

Wednesday 16 May 2018
Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic
Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning

Thursday 17 May 2018
Mathematics Paper 3: reasoning

We have 4 weeks of revision leading up to this and below is a table showing what areas we will focus on each day in each of the areas to be tested.

For reading we will do a mixture of independent, pair and group work using old SATS papers and several different software programs on the computer to focus on the types of questions the children will face and test techniques.

Maths – all of the objectives will be covered within word and real-life problems. SPaG Spellings Word of the day
Week 1

16th – 20th April

·         Place value

·         Rounding

·         + – x and ÷ problems

·         Graphs and charts

·         Pie charts

·         Types of punctuation: commas, apostrophes, colons, semi-colons, brackets, exclamations and question marks, dashes and hyphens

·         Direct and reported speech

·         _ous ending

·         _tious or _cious ending

·         _cial or _tial ending

·         _fer endings


·      absentmindedly

·         exhilarating

·         deter

·         facilitate

·         vanquish


Week 2

23rd – 27th April

·         Area + perimeter

·         Volume

·         Coordinates

·         Translations

·         Algebra

·         Active and passive voices

·         Prefixes and suffixes

·         Verb forms

·         Subject and verb agreement

·         _ant or _ent

·         _ance or _ence

·         _ancy or _ency

·         _able or _ible

·         _ably or _ibly

·         reconcile

·         vacate

·         console

·         remedy

·         fortuitous


Week 3

30th April – 4th May

·         Angles

·         Shapes

·         Parallel/perpendicular lines

·         Ratio and scaling

·         Plurals

·         Tenses

·         Capital letters

·         Determiners

·         Conjunctions

·         Pronouns

·         ‘i before e except after c’

·         ough words

·         _tion, _sion, _ssion, _cian, (other) endings

·         beneficial

·         cavernous

·         displeasure

·         panoramic

·         epicentre


Week 4

8th – 11th May

·         Decimals

·         Fractions

·         Percentages

·         Clauses and phrases

·         Relative clauses

·         Subject, verbs, objects

·         Word class

·         Noun phrases + adverbial phrases

·         Silent letters (kn, wr, wh, mb, gn, mn)

·         _se or _ce

·         Homophones (words that sound the same but are spelt differently)


·         grandiose

·         egotistical

·         mundane

·         tepid

 Maths day

At the end of last year the entire school took part in a maths day.  This involved each teacher holding workshops on different areas of maths.  The children spent the day visiting each class and spending time looking at each area at their own level.  Here’s the current Y6 class enjoying some of the different workshops.


Being a playground helper

Y6 children get the opportunity to become playground helpers for 4 or 5 weeks at a time.  It involves helping the younger children – Foundation stage and KS1 –  to have a more enjoyable dinnertime by organising games and activities that they can participate in.



Hollowford will be taking place in the third week of Autumn 1 this year – Wednesday 20th to Friday 22nd September.  The children will be setting off around 9:45 on Wednesday morning and will get back at approx. 2:30 on Friday afternoon.  Please make sure your child comes with a packed lunch on Wednesday as we will be too late to have our lunch at Hollowford.  All other meals will be provided by them.  If you have not yet filled in the contact and medical sheet, please see Mr Rollitt or Mrs Vintin to get another sheet.


In English we will be focusing on a book called ‘Secret of the Sirens’.  It is about a young girl who discovers a secret which will not only change her life, but could also save the entire world from the darkness that threatens.  It is part of a quartet of books, which hopefully the children could read after we have finished the first.

Image result for secret of the sirens


The science planning for year 6 can be found in the long term planning document which can be accessed by downloading the link above.  The order of topics is:

  • Classifying living things into the 5 kingdoms and investigating key features and characteristic of the 5 groups of vertebrates.
  • Human biology and healthy living looking at harmful substances and their effects
  • Evolution – how we know about it, the effects it has and how we can observe it.
  • Light – what it is, how we see, reflection and shadow
  • electricity – making and understanding circuits.

St Luke’s Charity event

Last year’s Y6 took part in a fund raising event for St Luke’s last year and managed to raise £1000.  Hopefully this year we will join up with another charity to help raise money!

Y6 trips

We have several trips coming up before Christmas:

  • Thursday 30th November – Christmas lecture at the Octagon Centre near the university.  We have been attending these for quite a few years now, and the children always find it enjoyable.  This year’s science focus is on chemistry and the title of the workshop is ‘Everyone’s a Fertilizer Factory’.  After an hour lecture, the children have the opportunity to take part in some hands-on workshops and activities.  The children will need to arrive at school for normal time and will be back for normal end of school.  They will also need a packed lunch and drink, sensible shoes, waterproof coat and £1.60 for transport costs.


Y5 and Y6 school choir

The Y5 and Y6 school choir will start practising soon and will hopefully be aiming for a couple of public performances.  Please check to find out where we will be appearing.


Y6 residential visit to Hollowford

During the first half term of Autumn, the Y6 visited Hollowford to take part in team building and outdoor pursuit activities.  Here are some of our photos:

 Our visit to Clifton Park

During summer 2 we will be doing a topic on fairground rides.  To give us some ideas and inspiration for this, we visited Clifton Park.  Below are some of the photos from the trip.


Trip to Crucial crew

As part of our fitness fortnight, the Y6 visited Crucial crew, which teaches us how to be safe and look after ourselves through roleplay and workshops.  We learnt about fire, road, internet and general safety as well as a role play in a mock court with real magistrates.