Welcome to Year 4

In Year 4, our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum.

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Year 4 long term plan

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We are learning about what life was like for children during World War II.

Would you have survived World War II?

We will be learning about who was involved in war and where these countries are.  We will be colour mixing and painting blitz pictures. We will be making shelters during DT. Our WOW event will be a drama based day at the end of half term, where we will experience life as a wartime child.  Details to follow!


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We will be studying the book Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo . We will be writing diaries, remembering to write in the first person and in the past tense.  We will be using a range of sentence structures when describing events and emotions of an evacuated child.  SPaG will be incorporated during our book study.  We will be revising word classes, time conjunctions, fronted adverbials, clauses , super sentences from previous years, apostrophe for possession (including regular and irregular plurals) and basic punctuation.  We will be developing our reading detective skills to uncover the owner of a diary that Mrs Fallon found in an old, wartime suitcase.


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We will be focusing on place value , addition and subtraction.  Miss Gerrard will be reinforcing reading, writing and converting time between analogue and digital 12 and 24 hour clocks and problems.  We will be improving the speed of our times tables beginning with X6, X7, X8,X9

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Our topic will be sound, we will be listening  to and recreating  war time sounds.  We will be experimenting with making  sounds , changing the volume and pitch.  Our music understanding will be developed and extended by our work in Science.

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This term our PE will be on a Tuesday and Friday.  On Tuesday we will have SUFC .


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