In Year 2, our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum.

We follow the Catholic Curriculum for Religious Education following the Come and See scheme.

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Year Two Trips for 2019

Monday 12th November A.M.

Visit the City Cenotaph from Remembrance Day. We will be travelling by tram. We will leave after registration in the morning and return for lunch. There will be no need for any changes to the normal daily routine as we will be back for lunch.

Monday 5th November P.M. The children will take part in ‘Music in the Round’ an interactive concert at the Crucible Theatre. We will be travelling by tram. We will be leaving directly after lunch and will return (tram dependant) at normal school time. There will be no need for any changes to the normal daily routine.

Wednesday 12th June Full Day.

Visit to Cleethorpes. We will be travelling by coach, so the children will need to be in school at 8.45a.m. Prompt. We will be leaving at 9.00 a.m. The children will need to bring a small bag with drinks for the day. The trip includes a fish and chip lunch, donkey ride, time on the beach, ice cream and sweets, a train ride and a visit and talk at the RNLI station. I will need to take four parent helpers with me.

Total cost for the trips for the whole year in Y2 is £25.10 if you wish to pay for all the trips together please see Mrs Godfrey. You can pay for individual trips the week before each trip or we can make arrangements for you pay weekly if this is better for you.

Other important information

Spelling homework will be sent home every week for a spelling test the following Friday. At the beginning of each topic your children will have a home project to complete which forms part of the work for the topic.

Booster classes will start the first week in November. They start at the end of the school day and finish at 4.15 prompt. It would be great if you were at school by 4.10 to be ready to collect your child.

The booster classes are as follows:

Monday 3.15 to 4.15 Maths

Wednesday 3.15 to 4.15 Reading into writing including grammar and spelling

Boosters are open to all children in the class.

SAT’s weeks for Y2 this year will be as follows:

16th May through to 23rd May 2019

It would be really helpful if you could plan any holidays around these dates as it is very important for your child to be in school on these dates.


Our topics this half term were Steel City and Meet Me by the Steel Men.


Our trip to see the steel statues and the Bessemer converter was amazing. The statues are huge! We have completed lots of work back in school from this trip. The children planned the route we took. Well done to everyone in Y2.

In Maths next half term we will recap number and place value but will focus new learning on addition and subtraction. Also from the beginning of next half term the children in Y2 will have a greater focus in maths lesson on the 2,5 and 10 times tables. We have an award system running in school where the children can earn bronze, sliver and gold for each of the times tables.

Bronze award means the children can say a times table without error or long pauses for example one times two is two, two times two…

silver award means the children can give the product of numbers multiplied together. For example ‘what are four fives?’ The questions are in random order.

for gold children will be able to give the multiplication facts when provided with the product only for example 24 = twelve twos/two twelves. also they will need to be able to answer questions like twenty-four divided by two.

there will be a test every half term when the stickers will be awarded to the children in class and added to their individual achievement card.

Thank you for supporting your child at home with this very important life skill. Y2 focus on 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Kind regards Mrs Godfrey